Wednesday, June 24, 2015

An Intro into the Mind of Elisa

Hey there world! Long time no see.

You could say that I was on retreat in what I like to call the Creative Isles for the past two years.  No, it's not a vacation spot, the beaches are rocky and the water is cold all year-round, but no matter how hard I try to stay away, I always end up back there for years at a time, cranking out what I hope will be the masterpiece that propels me into literary success. It's hard and it's not fun and sometimes it's even joyless, but if I could, I'd move there full-time.

Then I leave the Creative Isles once the masterpiece is finished and end up somewhere in the real world, sandwiched between a nine-hour workday, five days a week (I'm not sure why I work nine hours, it was never discussed, it just happened) and paying off whatever new bill comes in. And the masterpiece languishes on the computer, killed by bad query letters and general malaise.

And somehow, despite all that, I'm starting up a blog again. I must be crazy.

I let my old writing blog go sometime during my junior year of college. Too many things were going on - bad relationships, honors classes, trying to graduate on time so I didn't have to take out another loan to stay an extra semester - for me to keep up the way I had during the summer when I didn't work or intern and didn't take any classes. I felt bad letting it go because I had had so many wonderful friendships with other bloggers and it was so much fun to think up posts and see everyone's reactions to them and be able to help other writers with their promotions and everything else. Looking back, I think I withdrew from blogging because I was a little jaded with publishing and writing in general, and I didn't have the emotional support I wanted from my partner at the time. He was very practical and very realistic, and writing was never as important to him as it was to me.  He saw it as more of a pastime, and thought my goal of being published early in life was silly. His main concern was finding me a real job. And I didn't appreciate that too much at the time. We weren't a good match, even if I didn't see it at the time.

But that was five years ago. I'm twenty-five now, and I've grown a thicker skin.

Part of that comes from working in sales. My entire professional career has been in sales, and if you let every single nasty email from a client bother you, well, you're going to be bothered all day, every day. Eventually, you learn to shrug it off and soldier on, content to know that you're doing your job the best you can.

And the other part comes from a dogged determination to keep writing, writing, writing and not give in to the temptation to throw the computer out the window and give up and try to be a 'normal' (whatever that means) human being with less ambitious goals when things go wrong. My romantic short stories series never took off, even when I put it up for free on Amazon. My first novel, the very first one I completed and it took a year and a half to finish it and it was my baby and I loved it and it was the most beautiful - rejected. Every single query.  Rejected.

Which is fine. Because I wrote another, better novel. And I'm going to query that one once my beta-reading period is over - more on that later. And if it's rejected, I'll write a third novel. And a fourth. And a fifth. I will never not be writing a novel. And if my second novel is published, I'll still write a third and a fourth and a fifth. Because writing is part of who I am, and I'll be damned if I don't succeed at it.

I'll introduce my second novel in my next post. I wanted to reserve this initial post as an introduction to me, since I plan to be around for a while and you'll have to decide if you like me enough to stick around or not.

The Basics - 

Name: Elisa DeLany
Age: 25
Occupation: Account Executive of Licensing by daylight, Writer Extraordinaire by moonlight
Residence: Manhattan for 12 hours a day.

What You Actually Want to Know - 

Genre: Satire/Comedy
Sense of Humor - Sarcasm
Favorite Author: Barbara Michaels
Favorite Show: Broad City

What I Want You To Know - 

Everything. Let's be super cool best friends forever right now.

Upcoming post - Nine to Five and Then Some...see you there!

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